Welcome to Angrezi Bol !

Please complete the below process :

You will need two apps for our course
1. Angrezi Bol App –  where you can socialise and do tasks
2, Angrezi Club App – where you can access notes and get session links

Read Carefully & Follow Each steps :

1. Social Media Website – Angrezi Bol
Go to the link here and create your account —–> Link
Read the document attached to use the website

2. Install the Angrezi Bol app from here –> Link
You can login in the app using the same username and password you created in the website above.
Document Attached

3. Install Live Session (Angrezi Club App) from here –> Link 
iOS App :
Download “Proctur Student App” from app store

ID AND PASSWORD  for Angrezi Club 
Username and Password for Live Session App will be shared by SMS 
Username : Use your 10 digit mobile number
Password :  4 digit Password you will receive in SMS.

Let’s all be above our Excuses and focus on our results.

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You can also check our Frequently Asked Question –> Click Here
You can also check our Refund Policy —> Click Here

We wish you an amazing experience with Angrezi Bol.